As soon as you look at these pictures only one photographer can pop on your mind. These are from Tim Walker and they belong to the January Issue of Vogue Italia.

Lindsey Wixson looks amazing portraying a little girl that has a giant creepy doll. Walker as always been know for the fantasy settings created in his shots. This is probably one of my favourite editorials I have seen from him. The mix of sweetness and girliness with the strangeness of the proportions of the doll. The somewhat horror film scenario of some of the images. The styling is perfection from the pastels to the pretty 50’s inspired babydoll looks, perhaps even a bit more 60’s than 50’s. Her slightly messed up wig and the vacant expressions. The details of transparent fabrics, plastic bits and the transparent colourful socks pull the whole aesthetic together. There was great attention to detail on this one. I wonder where they managed to manufacture the giant doll.